Princess Zoe

Zoe, my 10 year old rescue cat, has been sick for a while but is doing better….. much better.


Here are a few portraits of my favorite cat in the world:

My Zoe: Lena Adams, 2016. Ink wash on bristol, 29x21cm
Zoe: Lena Adams, 2015. Bic, 25x20cm.
Scratch!: Lena Adams, 2016. Oil pastel/scratch method on watercolor paper, 42x30cm.

The most recent portrait I tried of her did not work out well (so I should do another):

Zoe in Charcoal: Lena Adams, 2018. Charcoal, 29x21cm.

She loves to model:


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Michelangelo’s’ Pieta

Master copy, Michelangelo’s Pieta: Lena Adams, 2018. Bic on A4. Owned by Gerald V Scyoc.

I wanted to practice my values and I was trying to find the best line work for a sculpture of this magnitude. It seemed to be a successful art practice, as the artist Gerald Van Scyoc bought it a few hours after completion.

You should check out Gerald’s website. To me his work is steeped in mythology and the subconscious, combining craftsmanship with artistic sensibility.

Here is more info on the beautiful sculpture by Michelangelo, for those interested in art history:

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Highlights from 2017

In 2017 I became single and moved to the next town over (Mosjøen in Northern Norway.) It was a good year, a terrible year.

A Dream of Jane Austen: Lena Adams, 2017. Oil on canvas, 40x30cm. A reddit gets drawn portrait. Sold.

I started to get friendly with burnt umber:

Figure study in burnt umber: Lena Adams, 2017. Oil on canvas, I believe it was at least 40cm wide. Donated for a charitable auction.
Self portrait in umber: Lena Adams, 2017. Oil on canvas paper, 24x32cm.

I did quite a few master copies:

Portrait of Christ after Ivan Kramskoy: Lena Adams, 2017. Bic on A4.
Saint Peter after Guido Reni: Lena Adams, 2017. Bic on A4.

I even played with charcoal:

Aleister Crowley: Lena Adams, 2017. Charcoal on A3.
Claudia: Lena Adams, 2017. Charcoal on A3. Sold.

I did more than a few ink drawings:

Figure study: Lena Adams, 2017. Bic on Bristol, A3. Sold
The Blue Apron: Lena Adams, 2017. Bic on A4. Sold

and ink paintings

Oranges are supposedly the only fruit: Lena Adams, 2017. Ink and watercolor, 24x32cm.

And realized the importance of Zoe Princess Dramaticum

Zoe: Lena Adams, 2017. Ink-wash on Bristol, A4.
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Highlights from 2016

Above is the works I presented at the guerilla exhibition “Tverrsnitt” (which translates to something like crossover) in Mo i Rana in  spring 2016. All works were fresh, and included oil paintings, wood print, linocut and ballpoint drawings.

Two days before the hospital: Lena Adams, 2016. Oil on wood 40cmx30cm.
The chemical trial: Lena Adams, 2016. Oil on canvas paper. 24x32cm.
Grief: Lena Adams, 2016. Bic on A4.
Curls (a reddit gets drawn portrait): Lena Adams, 2016. Bic on A4.

After that spring exhibition I did this kinda thing:

(Reddit) Portrait In Orange and Blue: Lena Adams, 2016. Oil on canvas paper, A4.

I was obsessed with Dexter (the serial killer):

Debra Morgan as a serial killer: Lena Adams, 2016. Oil on canvas board.