The Odin Sacrifice

Two Viking themed drawings, that I burnt in honor of Odin after completion.

Sacrifice to Odin I: Lena Adams, 2018. Ballpoint (bic), 42x30cm.
Sacrifice to Odin II: Lena Adams, 2018. Ballpoint (bic), 42x30cm.
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Michelangelo’s’ Pieta

Master copy, Michelangelo’s Pieta: Lena Adams, 2018. Bic on A4. Owned by Gerald V Scyoc.

I wanted to practice my values and I was trying to find the best line work for a sculpture of this magnitude. It seemed to be a successful art practice, as the artist Gerald Van Scyoc bought it a few hours after completion.

You should check out Gerald’s website. To me his work is steeped in mythology and the subconscious, combining craftsmanship with artistic sensibility.

Here is more info on the beautiful sculpture by Michelangelo, for those interested in art history: