Princess Zoe

Zoe, my 10 year old rescue cat, has been sick for a while but is doing better….. much better.


Here are a few portraits of my favorite cat in the world:

My Zoe: Lena Adams, 2016. Ink wash on bristol, 29x21cm
Zoe: Lena Adams, 2015. Bic, 25x20cm.
Scratch!: Lena Adams, 2016. Oil pastel/scratch method on watercolor paper, 42x30cm.

The most recent portrait I tried of her did not work out well (so I should do another):

Zoe in Charcoal: Lena Adams, 2018. Charcoal, 29x21cm.

She loves to model:


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Two Charcoal Portraits

Storage is a difficult issue when working in a small space. I made a wire system in my living room for recent works. Decorative, and I get to analyze over time what I did wrong and what I did right. Here it is in action:

Morning Selfie: Lena Adams, 2018. Charcoal, 29x21cm.

My respect for Odd Nerdrum increased many times over after this master copy of his painting of the Norwegian author André Bjerke:

André Bjerke after Nerdrum: Lena Adams, 2018. Charcoal, 42x30cm.

The original painting is stunning (I cant find it online, so no link – sorry.) Apparently Bjerkes powerful gaze on the viewer was too much for me, as I turned his eyes away in my drawing. I only worked from a detail of the portrait, this part to be specific:

Author André Bjerke: Nerdrum, 1978. Detail.