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The ultimate minimal palette, in Pink?

Researching a minimal palette with a pink dominance.

Something I should do more of is color exploration, color mixing. Here I am trying to find the best two color palette (+ white) with a dominance of China Rosa:


I landed on pink, purple & green…. mixed from China Rosa and Virvidian. The China Rosa + Sap Green (+ Zinc white) didn’t work out for this particular project, but made a fantastic neutral that would work great for a figure or portrait study.

As for the whites, Titanium white worked better to really get those value plays in China Rose as it is just so powerful. Same with Virvidian to get those very fine values, but both colors are the most beautiful mixed with Zinc. Titanium white is a cool white, with a hankering for blue. Zinc white is more of a neutral, and works better in mixes. A lot of people dislike Zinc white, believing it to ruin their paintings over time. I have not found this, but do not use Zinc in masses. For those really light (and fat) values I go with Titanium white.

I did a oil sketch testing out the China Rose/Virvidian. It is for sure a palette that Pops!

I hate Christmas edition: Lena Adams, 2018. Oil, 29×34 cm.

The colors are so saturated it was sure hard to control them. Excuse the glare, I didn’t wait until the paint was dry to shoot it. The portrait is a RedditGetsDrawn muse.


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