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The Psychopath Vaccination

I watched him talk about vampires, his aspiration for immortality. I made some comment on the necessity of murder to live, which he pretended to contemplate. While my attention should have been on other things, like how my belly always went on warfare while he was near, there were two thoughts occupying my mind

  1. What possible benefit could immortality be to a person void of contemplation? Such uninvestigated life continued forever, why, that would be both wasteful and a singular kind of torture. The soul incapable of grasping, the brain totally absent from more than just motoric function, what could be the benefit of that?
  2. Why this fake fascination? Why lie about inconsequential things?

What is the benefit of a psychopath without intelligence? Surely someone would think it a crime against nature. The machine, brutal yet charming like a butterfly. No matter how many flowers he visits he only pollinate himself, leaving the blue and orange, the purple and yellow, the red and green in devastating destruction. But here we have a singularly stupid evil, whose needles of insults shows incapable of penetrating more than the top levels of one’s skin, where the manipulations so transparently veiled, the lies so capricious to leave one baffled. What could be the purpose of this creature of evolution, this silly simpleton who I’m sure is learning more and more each day… but not yet, not formed, not the glorious machine of progress and self interest he is generally thought of, and one day might be. To me the answer came slowly. He was my virus destroyed. I am so grateful, Goddesses of Fate, for your gift of The Psychopath Vaccination.


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